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Custom Works Program

custom plastic bottles

• Taking your vision from concept to production.
• Providing solutions to your challenging designs.
• Enhancing your product's appearance and performance.

custom bottles Product Development

You are developing a new product and need help moving your plan forward.

Our Custom Works Program can assist you at any step of your journey. From mold design to resin selection to detailing options, we will lay out a strategy so you can successfully roll out your product.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and apply our talents to achieving your objectives.

blow mold plastic Specialty Applications

Your application requires a component that will perform under extreme conditions or must to be tailored to address a particular purpose.

We have developed the competencies and processes that enable us to manufacture devices that can withstand strenuous demands and conform to fit your unique situation.

With over 30 years of custom blow molding experience, Dahl-Tech can provide solutions for your most challenging designs.

Stock Plastic Containers

Distinctive Articles

You want an elegant and functional container that reflects your company's identity and establishes your position in the market.

Distinctive container shapes draw attention to your product and build brand recognition.

By incorporating high quality materials, custom finishes, and special features, we can fabricate an article that will make a favorable and lasting impression.

Stock Plastic Containers

Hollow Parts and Complex Shapes

You have an especially difficult to mold hollow structure with an intricate design.

Complex shapes present complicated engineering issues that can only be understood and resolved by masters of the art of blow molding plastic products.

Dahl-Tech's skilled technicians have an extensive history of precisely manipulating plastic into elaborate and functional creations.

Stock Plastic Containers

Product Improvement

The pressure of competition is intense. Your margins are tight. You're looking to refine your product, improve performance, reduce costs, and regain your economic advantage.

Your business will prosper when you leverage the superior value and production efficiencies associated with purchasing your containers from Dahl-Tech.

To give your product and your bottom line a boost, consider the benefits of our
Custom Works Program.

Stock Plastic Containers

Visual Impact

Your trademark calls for a specific color, or you want to add visual appeal to heighten consumer awareness of your product.

Explore the variety of options we can offer for creating a one of kind item that will increase your product's exposure.

Choose from our vast selection of vivid pigments, metallic resins, pearl finishes, and special effect additives that will surely enhance your product.

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