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Custom Gallery

custom plastic bottles

• Samples of our custom capabilities and blow molding craftsmanship.
• Our products are distinguished by their quality, innovation, and performance.

custom bottles Product Display Windows

This novelty product display demonstrates an innovative approach to packaging by using a crystal clear window cylinder to showcase the product at the point of purchase.

Attention to important details, like shaping the container to hold the product and display card in place and devising end caps for a self-standing or hanging exhibit, sets our work apart and provides our customers with a competitive edge in the market.

custom bottles Reliable Components

This precision fit, thick-walled component is used in medical equipment where it is regularly subjected to autoclave processes and has to withstand extreme internal air pressure and elevated temperatures.

Our proven track record of delivering unsurpassed quality and service makes Dahl-Tech the preferred supplier of plastic components for critical applications.
custom bottles
Resilient Structures

This sturdy paddle is used to sort livestock and must be able to handle constant force, high impact, and rough use.

Our proprietary technology allows us to construct objects that will deliver outstanding performance under the most demanding circumstances.
custom bottles Distinctive Articles

These distinctive art-deco styled purse and shoe shaped containers were designed to dispense health and beauty products.

Our ability to mold plastic into stylish and unique forms with brilliant colors and special effects generates an elegant container that delivers dramatic shelf presence.
custom bottles Complex Hollow Devices

This complex device serves as a CPR training tool. It is engineered to duplicate actual conditions, endure repeated compression and heavy usage, and retain its physical properties.

Our expertise at material selection and plastic formation, combined with extensive product testing, has enabled us to perfect the techniques that are essential for achieving consistent results.
custom bottles Durable Containers

These durable containers represent chemical dispensers, animal feeders, and cattle nursing bottles.

Our background in making dependable, long-lasting, chemical and temperature resistant products is well-suited to supplying containers used in many household and farming applications.
custom bottles

Unusual Configurations

These large volume, unusual shaped containers must fit precisely with companion components and maintain their capacity for continuous reliable service.

Regardless of the complexity of your application, Dahl-Tech is the trusted source for custom blow molded plastic products that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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